Replacement parts for Sulzer / Ahlstrom, Andritz and SCAN pumps as also for various Mono-screw pumps from Lotzer & Muhlenbruch GmbH, Germany
    Pressure Formers, Cylinder Moulds, Showers, Dandy Rolls from NEF AB, Sweden
    Water Jet Dry end Tail cutters from Paprima Industries Inc., Canada
    Core Plugs and Pallet Blocks from Polima AB, Sweden
    Coating plants, Rebuilds and Metering Size Press from UMV Coating Systems AB, Sweden

Latest News

After substantial investment in R&D, UMV Coating Systems have developed a new concept for barrier coating which is a cost-effective alternative to Curtain coating. Already 7 installations with this technology are running successfully”.

In addition to replacement parts for Sulzer Ahlstrom pumps, Lotzer & Muhlenbruch have added spare parts for Andritz series S and SCAN AB and BA series pumps and have received orders for same from some Indian customers.

Polima continue to deliver their environment-friendly compression moulded plugs to various Indian customers. Increasing demand for their product has encouraged them to invest in a new raw material preparation plant and new production line for 12 inch plugs.